FASCINATE-2 topline data: Denifanstat surpasses placebo for NASH with fibrosis at week 52

Topline data from the phase 2b FASCINATE-2 trial showed “statistically significant improvement” for denifanstat in biopsy-confirmed nonalcoholic steatohepatitis with stage 2 or stage 3 fibrosis at 52 weeks, Sagimet Biosciences announced.
According to topline data findings, denifanstat an oral selective FASN inhibitor demonstrated superior NASH resolution to placebo without worsening of fibrosis, with a more than 2-point reduction in NAFLD Activity Score (NAS) (36% vs. 13%; P=.002). Additionally, 52% of patients who received denifanstat exhibited a more than 2-point reduction in NAS

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